Thursday, 7 August 2014

Leah Marlene - Remember that Name

Every summer we get together with our good friends and old neighbors,  Derry and Deanna, who now live in the US.   He is known as one of Canada's greatest rock guitarists, and is the lead guitarist and songwriter for Honeymoon Suite.  So it's not surprising that their daughter, Leah Marlene, has a beautiful and unique voice.  Like a true musician, Leah brings her guitar with her everywhere.   This is a pic of her on the beach - doesn't everyone bring their guitar to the beach?  It's great for us because we get lots of live acoustic performances, usually at night by candlelight!

Leah's been performing for many years (she's just 13), and is now doing live performances to open for her dad.

We're so proud of her!!
You can check them out performing together here.


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