Friday, 15 August 2014

Garden Update & Summer Nights

You know Fall is coming when you see that first Fall Aster bloom - and mine did.  This summer it's been very cold here (north of Toronto) so most flowers are not quite as big as they usually are and some are coming out much later.  Below is a pic of my first Rose of Sharon budding.  These are usually in full bloom by mid July and it's now mid August, and I only have a few blooms.   I have lined the fence around my garden with Rose of Sharon, so they should look pretty spectacular when they do come out.

Here's a wide shot of my garden. As you can see, no blooms against the fence.

In other garden news, I found a "light" for my pergola.  Actually, it's a huge metal sphere/globe that I found at HomeSense, and I just put wire around it to attach it to the pergola. 
It's very cool!!

At night when we sit out back, I put a candle in it - love candles outside on warm summer nights (not that we've had many)!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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