Friday, 27 May 2016

Some Great Finds at Walmart!

Just a quick note...I found some very cool things at Walmart recently.  This rug is cotton, 5' x 7', and also comes in a black & white stripe.  Now here's the really good's only $39.00!  Can you believe that?   Now we finally have a rug in our living room .

I was really impressed with their lighting department...this little hanging light I picked up was only $36.00 and also comes in sweet is this?   

 But this was the whole reason I ran to Walmart in the first place...I wanted to check out this table.  Sadly I couldn't find it... I think it's only available online.  If you like mid-century you'll love it...isn't it cute?

I also wanted to check out this  end table  but couldn't find it (clearly I need to go to another Walmart) . Love this and it's only $79.00.

In the garden department...
I picked up this ginormous fern (because I absolutely love ferns inside and outsidefor only $10.00...these normally retail for about $20.00.  

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Fave Store... L e u k

One thing I did on my little sister/birthday/mother's day getaway weekend in Collingwood, ON was stroll through the downtown & browse cafes, art galleries & shops.  I cannot believe how much Collingwood has 
changed since I was a kid.  

This is where I found my new favorite store....Leuk.   It is beautiful!!!  They actually have two has accessories, gifts & a floral shop & the other has furniture, clothing & a little cafe.  

They actually don't allow you to take photos (which I didn't realize), but I was able to snap a couple before I was told not to take any. ;)

Here's a little taste of their floral section.

(All pics are mine taken with my iPhone.)

I would describe the design as modern farmhouse meets Scandi...two of my favorite styles right now.   
Perfection in my opinion...a must see if you're in the area!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Perfect Little Mother's Day Getaway

This past weekend I went away for a little sister time, birthday celebration 
& an early Mother's Day all wrapped up in one.  
It. Was. Amazing. 

We went to Blue Mountain Village, ON and had a weekend full of relaxation, cafes, art galleries & house stalking...
To me, a perfect weekend.   

Our weekend started Friday afternoon at the Scandinave Spa....yes please!   It was sooooo relaxing.  We were only allowed to whisper (#shhhrelax)...which proved to be very hard for some people.  We quietly walked around, enjoying the hot baths, steam rooms & saunas.  We also lounged in the solarium rooms & outdoor hammocks & read books by the outdoor campfire. 

If you're thinking about going, you'll need to pack your bathing suit, water bottle, flip flops & a good book.  You can take your own housecoat, but they also provide them along with towels.   They do have a cafe for lunch & I strongly suggest the chicken salad sandwich & beef soup.

A few things I would recommend:  
1. Going during the week to avoid crowds;
2. Going in the Fall to experience the Fall color & cooler temps.  Each of their relaxing rooms overlooks the forest so the Fall color would be spectacular; and
3.  Going later in the day so you can go home and sleep right after. :)

I highly recommend this spa for or truly relax & refocus.    And any guys out there who are still wondering what to do for their wife on mother's day...the spa is perfect.

(All pics are mine taken with my iPhone.)

More of what I did on my getaway weekend in Collingwood, including my new favorite store, coming soon.

Have a great week!