Thursday, 9 February 2017

Dominican Republic Part II: Gardens & Excursion #exploretransat

As promised in my previous post, here's Part II of my trip to Dominican.  If I wasn't by the pool or at the beach, you could find me wandering the winding pathways & exploring the beautifully kept gardens.

We also did a one-day excursion from La Romana to Altos de Chavon which is a replica of a 16th century village.  Our day happened to be a rainy one (yes we had one day of rain) so not the best pics...but still quite a beautiful place to visit.  (Apparently, Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley were married here...who knew?)

And of course I had to take  a pic of the door...clearly I have a thing for doors

I also tried snorkeling on our excursion for the first time was a little scary...but I did it!  I got to see the coral reef & a black & white striped fish...very cool!

Here's a little peek into my room...I had a room to myself for a whoooole week...every mom's dream. haha

And that's my trip in a nutshell.  Had such an amazing time &  would highly recommend a trip to Dominican Republic!   Transat really made everything easy...with friendly staff...always willing to assist.

And now that I've been home for almost two weeks in the cold & the snow
 it all just seems like a dream...but a beautiful dream!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

My Transat Trip to Dominican Republic #experiencetransat

So the most amazing thing happened to mom decided to take all her kids (& their spouses but my spouse couldn't go) :)  to Dominican Republic for a week!!!  YES PLEASE!!!   We had never really been on a vacation with all of us in like 30 was absolutely beautiful!!!  A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's so this was a chance to make beautiful memories for all of us and what I call, "moment memories" for him.  It was also a chance to give my mom a much-needed break from the constant care for my dad, and let us all share in taking care of his needs.

We flew Air Transat to La Romana, Dominican Republic and stayed at the beautiful Grand Bahia Principe which is a visual feast...

Every day I had to make decisions like... what should I eat first: French toast or eggs, & should I sit by the pool first or go to the beach & then the pool... & then there's the decision about what I should drink by the pool...It was a very tough week...haha.

This is a shot of the pier on the beach & below is the inside ...just breathtaking!  We also went down to the beach to watch the sun go down & I was able to capture the sunset...again, absolutely beautiful!

Hello chandelier and rafters...who doesn't love this combo?

The gardens were immaculate & if you know me, I kinda have a thing for gardens & flowers...I did post some pics on Instagram but took over 200 photos so I'll have to do another post showing the gardens & sharing more about our little excursion. 

(All photos are mine, taken with my iPhone.)

After a week of being away, I left the beautiful sunshine & palm trees & came back to the reality of snow &'s been a little hard adjusting (like really hard) but I'm so grateful for the week escape.

Thank you so much Mom for your great generosity & for allowing me to share in these beautiful memories!!!

Part II to follow...