Sunday, 10 August 2014

Dog Days Of Summer

This is where I catch my Po, our Valley Bulldog, sleeping quite a bit lately.  Outside in the shade on our furniture. Does your dog do this?  Being part English Bulldog, she loves her naps.  She does have a dog bed that she sleeps on at night, but  I think I need to get her one of these so she's elevated.  

Believe it or not, this is her happy face, which is very similar to her sad face, now that I think about it.  Actually, she just has one look - handsome.

Here she is sleeping in my office on my old Ikea couch, which I'm going to have to get another slipcover for very soon.  I'm so happy with this couch.  It is well over 10 years old and is still in great condition.  Have you heard about Bemz?  They make slipcovers for old and new Ikea furniture.  What a great idea for a company!! 

Never wake a sleeping baby.

Here's a pic of Po up close just because.

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