Thursday, 2 March 2017

Floral Workshop at Wild North Flowers

A few weeks ago I did something I've always wanted to do...I had a quick lesson in flower arranging!  As most of you know, I. LOVE. FLOWERS., & take frequent pics of them like here, here & here.   (It's also been five very long months since I've seen my garden, & I'm having major withdrawals.)  A  dream of mine has been to do this & it's definitely on my bucket list, but until then, I have to start small.  When I saw that a local flower shop, Wild North Flowers, was offering a workshop I thought...sign me up!   This was such a fun night, &  it happened to be just before Valentine's day so this was a gift from my hubby.  

We were all given an urn that was filled with a ball of chicken wire & water & also was taped at the top with a grid for easier arranging.  You might be asking, like I did, where the heck do you get chicken wire?  Apparently it's at....Canadian Tire!   (You can learn so much from this blog. haha)  The first thing we did was choose our greens.

One thing I learned was that the arrangement should look good with just the greens...before any flowers have been added.  I actually love this look.  Apparently with green being the Pantone colour of the year, the trend for many brides is to just do the greenery in their bouquets & arrangements.  I think this is stunning & very dramatic especially with the backdrop of white in a winter wedding.

After we were finished with the greenery we chose our flowers.  So for whatever reason, my fave colours in the garden & in a bouquet are purples, pinks & whites,  (I do not do reds, oranges or yellows...I know, interesting psychology...there are people out there that only do the reds, oranges & yellows...I've met them at the garden centres.  Hey, we are all different, right?)  Most of the flowers hadn't opened up yet because you want them to open up gradually & to last longer.   

The tricky thing about doing a vessel floral arrangement is that it has to look good from all pressure...hence the turn table.  Just when it started to look good from one side I would turn it & it wasn't happening on the other side.  Fortunately, there was an instructor there to help at all times & to guide us through the process.


Another very cool thing that happened at this workshop was that I got to meet another blogger, sweet Kaylee from The Blondielocks .  These workshops are open to individuals or groups if you like...perfect for wedding parties, mother & daughter(s), birthday parties or just friends wanting a creative night out.  I had such a fun time & highly recommend this!

So here's the finished bouquet...I'm a little embarrassed to show it cuz it is my first attempt but here it is.  

Have a great weekend, & please let me know if any of you sign up for this!

(All photos are mine taken with my iPhone.)