Friday, 22 June 2018

House Flip Reveal - Living Room & Main Floor Bedrooms

Hey there!  I've got some great news.... our sweet little flip sold!!!!  In just a few days, with eight offers & well over list!!!  You couldn't ask for better than that when you're flipping! I know a lot of areas in the GTA are experiencing a bit of a cool down in the RE market,  but the area we flipped in, Kitchener, ON, is definitely not.  

This was the main reason I wanted to flip in this area and studied this market for a long time before we purchased the home. With Google & The Walper Hotel just down the street, my main target for this starter home was young executives but I didn't want to leave out all the other people who might be looking for a smaller home... namely single moms, retirees downsizing or single men & women.  Basically all my design/staging decisions were to cater to the different demographics who might be interested in this space.  I had to keep it young & hip and make it appeal to the single men or women out there but I also had to make it appeal to a family that might be looking at it.

One other thing I did was keep the wall colour the same throughout the house.  This is very challenging--finding a colour that looks good day & night in each room.  As always, I recommend testing the colour first by putting a sample on all walls in the rooms & then seeing what it looks like at different times of the day.  For this project I used Blizzard Fog by Valspar on all the walls but the back room... on the shiplap, where I used Simply White by Ben Moore.

So here's a little tour of the main floor living room and bedrooms...

RE Agent Photo

I used a lot of gray & black with wood tones & metals in the main living space to appeal to the men that might be looking at the house.  I also spoke to the realtor & asked what buyers  in this area were looking for and she said they liked gray so you will see a lot of gray in this house.  

This room is not very big but I needed it to feel big and to be multi-functional.  One way to accomplish that is by using longer pieces of furniture on the walls.  You will notice that I have a very long's 7' long.  This extends the eye and makes the room seem much longer.  I also used a long desk on the far wall... this again accomplishes two things:  shows that the room can be an office & extends the wall and makes the room seem bigger.  On the inside wall I placed a long TV console with a tall mirror to again lengthen the wall and expand the space.  A mirror reflects the space and makes it feel larger.

You'll also notice that I used long linen curtains (98"  from IKEA) throughout the house and extended them to give more height to the room.  I know there is a trend right now in staging to take all the curtains down, but I do not recommend this in any space.  Curtains always give a space a sense of warmth & make it looked finished.  Also using curtains that are silk, velvet or linen can give a more luxurious feel to the space.

And let's not forget the front of the house... a big difference from before.  It only took my husband (who doesn't know a hammer from a wrench) 40 mins, with a screwdriver, to take these awnings down!  What a big difference that made!  We then just painted the porch floor Escarpment by Ben Moore using concrete paint & painted the two front doors the same,  Cracked Pepper by Behr. What a big difference a fresh coat of paint made.  (You can see more before exterior photos here).  

Here's the first bedroom on the main floor.  I staged it like a little girl's room just to appeal to the families that might be looking at this house.   And this sweet little hedge hog & lama art above the bed was made by me... I did a little DIY ... I'll post about this later. :)

RE Agent Photo

Next up is the second  bedroom on the main floor.  Because the home doesn't have a dining room, this room was originally staged (when we purchased) as a dining room & the realtor also suggested we stage it as a dining room.  However, if you have an extra bedroom, always stage it as a bedroom and try to make a dining room somewhere else in the home.  A three bedroom house always has more value than a two bedroom home!  

Another little trick I did in this bedroom to make the room appear larger is place a double bed in it.  I know... not what most people would do... but believe it or not it extends the space & shows buyers that the room can fit a larger bed.  How sweet is this light from Reno Depot? 

That's it for the main floor living room & bedrooms.   Stay tuned for more reveal photos of the main floor... kitchen & bonus room reveal is coming soon!
Have a great weekend!

(All photos are mine taken with my iPhone except where noted).

Construction & cabinet making on this home were all done by MVH Custom Carpentry.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Little Boy's Bedroom Reveal - One Room Challenge Spring 2018 - WEEK 6

Here we are at the final reveal of the One Room Challenge !  We made it!
This was my first time participating in this challenge... over the past six weeks I've been making over the sweetest little boy's bedroom.  
I'm so excited to show you how it turned out!

Let's go back to the beginning and remember where we started from.  If you've been following along you know that this bedroom had a lot of good things to begin with (bedding, dresser, lighting) & really just needed something to take it to the next level.  

Here's what it used to look like.

It's amazing how little changes made such an impact!

 This bedroom is a real lesson in just using what you have and making it all work.  I think a lot of people get to this point in their decor and then are not certain what to do with a room.  You can see that the layout worked and that the paint and lighting stayed as well.  From this point I just took my inspiration from the bedding that my client had.    Common themes you'll see throughout the room are black & white, primary colours & toy cars.  Typically I stay away from themed rooms but his little boy loves cars and he had the sweetest bedding.  I wanted to add something striking on the focal wall but didn't want to compete or take away from the bedding's pattern.  The swiss cross decals added a bold statement without being too overpowering...
seemed like the perfect fit & were very easy to put up.

I think every toddler's room needs a teepee ... why didn't they have these when I was growing up?  This beautiful striped number (from Walmart) was perfect for the room.  This corner needed some height and some black to balance out the room.  The toys/stuffed animals I styled on the dresser and bookcase were just toys I pulled from the toy box.  Hey if it's cute and works with the colour scheme, why hide it in a toy box?   I also used some art that my client had and some that my toddler client made, to style the dresser.  

This black IKEA lamp was perfect for the dresser, and added the height that was needed just under the shelf.

These classic car prints from Moriland above the bed were just the perfect addition to this bedroom.  You can see that they are simliar in style & colour to the bedding but not exactly the same.  

Here's my sweet little client, Nolan, who actually helped his mom with the final decals... I told you they were easy.   
And for all those moms out there wondering if kids play in teepees... this little guy does!

Had such a fun six weeks doing this challenge.  Thank you to all of you who followed along!!!
Hoping to do another room in the fall with the next ORC.  

And a big thank you to my friend, Diana at Shindig Sweets for trusting me to makeover this bedroom for her little boy,
 and for providing lots of coffee & yummy cupcakes & cookies!!!  

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Grey Euro Pillows, Black & White (Wide Striped) Pillows,
Striped Throw, Pom Pom Blanket & Lamp         

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Pom Poms & Banner 

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Swiss Cross Wall Decals 

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Black Book Shelve

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Chevron Rug &  Swiss Cross Baskets

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Friday, 4 May 2018

One Room Challenge - Week 5 - Adding Art & Accessories

Hey there... welcome to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge sponsored by House Beautiful!  
We have one week left in this little boy's bedroom transformantion... this week we added some art & even did a little DIY.
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The budget was very tight for this little bedroom so I had to shop my client's home (ie. toy box & closet haha) for some of  the accessories.   This little "I love U" sign was something my client had & wanted to incorporate into the design.

I also made the cutest little pom pom blanket with an inexpensive IKEA blanket & some pom poms from Michaels... so cute & simple.  No sewing necessary... I just tied the pom poms to the fringe... easy peasy!

Another challenge for this room has been where to place books... Oh, and did I mention we don't have a big budget?  This little bookcase was one I've had for years & was sitting in my basement... a quick coat of black paint (same as the door... Black Jack by Ben Moore) & it fits perfectly in this corner.

The sweetest art arrived this week from Moriland for above the bed... how cute are these little vintage cars?!?

We're getting there... see you next week for the reveal!  
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Friday, 27 April 2018

Week 4 ORC - Boy's Bedroom Makeover

Here we are at week 4 of the One Room Challenge.  
For the past few weeks I've been making over a little boy's room and have just six weeks to complete it.   
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My little 3 year old client has been away on vacation this week so we haven't' done any more painting, but we do have some new arrivals.  First up is this adorable striped teepee.  I had been looking online for one but stumbled across this one at Walmart. How cute is this?!?!  
I think it's my favourite thing in the room amd more importantly, it's my client's favourite thing too!  

Next up, this adorable rug arrived.  I've mentioned before that cars are a theme in this room as my little client absolutely LOVES them, so this rug is perfect. 
 And for those mothers out there wondering if the rug is practical or not, he uses it all the time.

That's all the progress for this week.  
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