Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Country Garden Tour

OK so I really don't know where to start with this garden except to say that it's pretty spectacular.  It's one thing to like gardening and it's quite another thing to know exactly where to place everything in a garden. I mentioned recently that I was up north in Clarksburg, ON checking out some art galleries and antique shops. One of the artists, Cynthia Marsh, from Marsh Street Gallery, let me have a tour of her garden.  (She also happens to be my sister's art teacher).

 This is a beautiful English garden with a bit of whimsy mixed in.  I love how Cynthia uses old found artifacts and existing structures in her garden design. (
I took these pictures in bright light and with an iPhone, so I hope I do it justice). 

Enjoy the tour!

Cynthia uses lots of iron throughout the garden, including the iron bench surrounded by peonies, the iron door built into the stone wall, the antique iron bird feeder and the light on the shed, to name a few.

I love the formal look of the wall of Emerald Cedars and statue above, and the casual look of the clematis growing over the arbor below.  This garden has a sophisticated yet relaxed feeling which is my favourite kind of design - inside or outside.

Here's a close-up - pale pink Oriental Poppy.

Thanks for the tour, Cynthia!!
If you'd like to go on a tour of her garden or other gardens, just go here for more details.


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