Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Girl, Tween, Teen

Last month was a little sad for me because my 13 year old daughter graduated from grade 8.  Another chapter in our lives is through - Wow, hard to believe.  When we moved here she was just 9 and her room looked like the pics above.  A little shabby chic with vintage fabrics, miss matched antiques and pale green walls (Pickling Spice by Ben Moore).  The whole colour scheme (pale pink and soft green) came from the quilt my aunt and I made out of two different vintage curtains.  I've had the white chinelle blanket from Martha Stewart for years and had it in her room in our previous house.  I actually liked the blanket so much I bought two, and cut one in half and made it into curtains for her room. 

Then her room became more "tween" and a little bohemian, with no more pretty pink accents.    I kept the furniture and switched out some of the bedding and added some plum pom poms, baskets (from Bouclair) and a throw (from HomeSense) - I love pom poms and they're so simple to make.  I also added a pillow made from vintage Indian fabrics with jewel colours similar to this one.  I've had the room a hundred different ways, including two beds at one point.  It's like the pic below right now.

I'm telling you all this because one of my goals this summer is to change this room into a teen room. My daughter's been asking me to change her room for about a year now and wants a black chalkboard wall.  I think I'll just use black paint instead of chalkboard paint and then accent colours in cream and white.  I find the whole process a bit organic, so there may be some colour in the mix.   We'll be keeping most of the furniture and just changing out the light and accessories.  

Here's a pic of my girl just before her grad.  See those sparkles on her dress?  I did that with some "jewels" from the Dollar Store and some fabric glue.  I've been doing a few craft projects with these "jewels" for her new room, which I'll share later.  So easy and inexpensive and more importantly, they look fantastic!

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