Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Before the holidays I decided to paint my family room one of my favourite colours which is a gray called Metropolis by Ben. Moore.  After painting the walls my brain decided to move the furniture, which then led to a collage, which then led to extending the dining room table and repositioning  get it.  Decorators do this!

(Upper pic is family room before paint and
lower pic is family room now.)

I love collages and have had many. 
I had these gold frames (below) in a box so I decided to put them on this narrow wall.   Gold is huge right now in design and looks fantastic with my taupe and gray colour scheme. A collage like this is easy, inexpensive decorating, and it adds some drama to a space.  This wall can also be seen from the front door so this provides a bit of intrigue.

On the wall above I needed some colour so I found this wallpaper which I love at Home Depot and then pasted it onto canvass.  This is another great trick to use with fabric.  If you love a fabric but don't know what to do with it,  staple it to canvass and hang it up.  
I have!  

Remember, your space should be full of things you love, so if you don't want to commit to a wallpaper or a fabric, put them on the wall!

The family gallery shown below is another easy and inexpensive art display.  I just photocopied family pictures and then placed them in inexpensive frames.  For interest, I mixed it up a bit with some black and white photos (6) and some coloured photos (3).

(You may notice Mayor Rob Ford -you know the Toronto mayor who confessed to smoking crack - hanging in our family picture gallery.  My husband thought this would be funny for Christmas and it was!!  He wanted to see how long it would take family members to notice - apparently it takes about an hour).

Warning:  this could all change.  
Actually, what I should say is 
Warning: this WILL all change.

I'm going to post before and after shots of my rooms soon.  They really have come a long way since we purchased this house.

Have a great day and get collaging would ya!!

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