Friday, 27 April 2018

Week 4 ORC - Boy's Bedroom Makeover

Here we are at week 4 of the One Room Challenge.  
For the past few weeks I've been making over a little boy's room and have just six weeks to complete it.   
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My little 3 year old client has been away on vacation this week so we haven't' done any more painting, but we do have some new arrivals.  First up is this adorable striped teepee.  I had been looking online for one but stumbled across this one at Walmart. How cute is this?!?!  
I think it's my favourite thing in the room amd more importantly, it's my client's favourite thing too!  

Next up, this adorable rug arrived.  I've mentioned before that cars are a theme in this room as my little client absolutely LOVES them, so this rug is perfect. 
 And for those mothers out there wondering if the rug is practical or not, he uses it all the time.

That's all the progress for this week.  
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  1. That rug is so much fun! I totally love it! It looks like a fun space for a little guy to enjoy and love. :)