Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Hippest Co-op Office Space in Toronto

For over a year now my husband has been officing out of the coolest creative space in Toronto... East Room.  This place is an eclectic industrial mix that is done to perfection!  When you combine black steel doors & windows, exposed beams & pipes, 20 foot ceilings and white brick walls & then you add a mix of mid century, modern & industrial antiques... you get an absolutely spectacular space!    
(I want to move in....really, I could live here!)

This old factory was stripped back to its bones by the owners--brothers Derreck Martin (the owner of 507 Antiques) & Sam Martin, to make it feel like New York. It is set up more like a lounge in the common spaces and then as you venture down the hallways, there are offices & boardrooms...well equipped to accommodate all your office needs.   If you are a creative in Toronto & looking for a space to office out of without the huge overhead, I strongly recommend this place.  

(All photos are mine taken with my iPhone.)

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