Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Fave Store... L e u k

One thing I did on my little sister/birthday/mother's day getaway weekend in Collingwood, ON was stroll through the downtown & browse cafes, art galleries & shops.  I cannot believe how much Collingwood has 
changed since I was a kid.  

This is where I found my new favorite store....Leuk.   It is beautiful!!!  They actually have two has accessories, gifts & a floral shop & the other has furniture, clothing & a little cafe.  

They actually don't allow you to take photos (which I didn't realize), but I was able to snap a couple before I was told not to take any. ;)

Here's a little taste of their floral section.

(All pics are mine taken with my iPhone.)

I would describe the design as modern farmhouse meets Scandi...two of my favorite styles right now.   
Perfection in my opinion...a must see if you're in the area!

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