Friday, 26 February 2016

Teen Rooms Get Updated

One thing we did recently was purchase queen sized beds for our two (very tall) teenagers, which meant more moving and shifting.  It always amazes me how a family is constantly growing and changing.  We switched out my daughter's iron bed in her bedroom...which is one of the sweetest beds and I can't part with this headboard...I may just put it somewhere unexpected because I love it so much.  I had the queen one above, in storage...I bought it at an auction years ago and stripped it down. I really do love it against the black wall.  (Speaking of growing and changing, my daughter is now telling me she wants the bed on the floor and the collage!)



And my son wanted his room moved up from the basement, which also means my office is now in the basement...and explains why I've been a little slow with posts lately. No headboard for this bed...just a huge arrow which I painted on the wall.  This simple, graphic arrow is one of my favorite things in my house.  I'll have to post more on this room later.

Do you recognize this industrial-style light?  It's the one I spotted last year at Home Depot....very cool and under $100.00.

Here's a pic of the office before it became a bedroom bed.

(All pics taken by me with my iPhone.)

So that's the quick update.  
Have a good weekend!

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