Monday, 25 May 2015

Black & White Out Back

Last year I did a little post about black & white outside because it's one of my favourite colour combos for outside or inside.  (Actually, I have a lot of black & white in this house...not sure why.   It just sort of happened.)   It just makes all the other colours stand out and I love it with the dark green of boxwoods, ferns and grass.  It's just such a classic look.   So I was a little excited when I happened upon these cushions at the Superstore a few weeks ago.  The little cushions were $9.00 and the larger ones were $20.00.  They also had roll cushions and lounger cushions in the same stripe, but they're going very fast.  

It's been so cold here I've only purchased a few of my annuals, and haven't planted any in the ground yet.   Last week I had to bring them in at night because we had a chance of frost.  The ones above are the African Daisy and the Double Petunia.

Here's a pic of the seat cushions.  The previous owners built a bench right into the railing of our back deck so these cushions fit perfectly here for extra seating.  I really need to get painting this back deck because it's chipping.  I'm thinking of painting the deck and the back fence in a very dark grey - almost black.  Which might be a little hot on the toes on the back deck but would look spectacular on the fence.   It's a great backdrop for plants and would really make my Hydrangeas and Rose of Sharons pop out.  It's a project that might have to wait until Fall or next Spring.

And some more French Lilac that I planted five years ago finally bloomed.  (Now imagine this Lilac with black behind it instead of the weathered wood...amazing right?)

Here's a closeup of the all the textures and colours.   My peonies are just about ready to bloom and they are one of my all time favourite flowering shrubs.

And one more thing....I started to paint my stairs...eeek!  But I screwed up and now I have to remove some of it.   I don't like painting, and I really, really don't like removing paint.  
 More on that later.

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