Monday, 15 December 2014

More Changes to My Daughter's Teen Room

 This room is slowly, and by slowly I mean very slowly, coming along.  My daughter is learning patience.   Hey it's a good life lesson to understand that we can't always just go and buy whatever we want. Some times we have to wait for things...what a concept!  If you follow me on instagram you've seen this pic before.  I found this cute gold accent table at Target for under $80.00 and thought it just looked amazing against the black wall.  Then I decided that all that gorgeous Kate Spade framed paper would look amazing above it.  I also found a cool metal hashtag and "at" sign at HomeSense  and along with the "B" I made earlier, decided to make a collage above the accent table.  I originally had a bookcase here but I thought the gold table looked so much better, so I moved the bookcase to the other side of the room.  Then I wanted a light for above the bed, and was thinking about making one, but spotted this one at Ikea.  The cord and shade combined total was under $20.00.

This is what the light looks like fully assembled.  Pretty cool right?  I love it against the black wall.

One other project I completed was fixing this old bulletin board.  I decided to paint the inside black and add gold thumb takes to the edge.  I then rubbed gold paint into the edges to just give it a bit more gold.  Easy to do and the result was a big change.  It actually is one of my favourite things in the room, and again, not expensive.  You can see the process of this room here and here.

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