Monday, 15 September 2014

Cozy Fall Ponchos & Sweaters

image via Pinterest

It's been a little cold here lately which has me thinking about Fall fashion.  If you're like me and like bundling up on a cold day, you must get one of these ponchos for Fall.  I love how far the design of ponchos has come. They used to be just an over-sized triangle (that your grandmother knitted for you)  and now you see them with sleeves, cowl necks, v-necks, round necks, stripes, fringe...  I love them all!  Here are just a few I've picked out. 

*** 1 *** 2  ***  3 *** 4 *** 5 *** 6 ***

I'm also loving this over-sized sweater with bat wings from CiChi  and the wide-cut brown sweater below it from H & M.  Both of these are similar to a poncho and would look fantastic with skinny jeans and boots.

Hope you all have a great Monday!!

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