Saturday, 6 September 2014

Cottage Style Bedrooms

In my last post I showed you some outside pics of this  amazing Muskoka retreat we went to for Labour Day weekend. Here are the inside photos I promised!  Even though it's a very high-end property, being a cottage setting the inside is a very relaxed and sophisticated feel.  The space is full of built-in benches, beautiful mouldings and gorgeous views.   I felt like I was in Cape Cod.

The first room, the room we stayed in, had a French- country vibe with painted furniture, toile linens and French quilts.

Here's a close-up of the French quilts - I just love the detailing with the scalloped edges and intricate needlework.  Beautiful craftsmanship!!

Each room had a window seat which was extra wide for sleeping. There was storage 
underneath and a spectacular view. 

Below is a pic of the boy's room, which again had a cottage feel. There were lanterns for lights, a log bed, fish motif pillow and patched quilts.  All the kids' rooms had a wall-mounted book case/holder which I thought was a great idea. (You can see it on the far wall).   This would be great for anyone who has a small space and doesn't know where to place books.  It doesn't take up any floor space and the book covers act as art.

Here's the sweet pink girl's room.  

I've talked about using symmetry and white linens before when you're staging a space to sell it because it gives off a calm relaxing feeling.  You can see how the designers did that here in this cottage as well.  Each room has calm linens and two side tables with two lights.  Notice how each bed has white pillows with one or two decorative pillows in front of them, which co-ordinates the whole space.  
It's an easy way to decorate a space - any space - not just a cottage. 

Below was a tiny room in one of the cabins on the property.  I love how they created a headboard with wood which also acts as a shelf and is used for storage.  They then mounted two lights (symmetry) in the wall because there was no room for end tables.  Great use of space and simple beautiful design. 

In each of these bedrooms, because the walls are a neutral white and the linens are neutral, it would be easy to change the country / cottage decor by simply changing out the quilts at the bottom of each bed. This is why I love white linens on a bed - well, really it's because I get bored and change things a lot.  

Hope you were inspired and enjoyed this cottage.

I'm still working on my teen girl's room and hope to have some more pics of that soon.  I've had a lot of fun with black paint over the summer... I think it's mid-life crisis.

Have a great weekend!!

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