Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Summer Fashion 2014 #1

I know it's still spring but we've had some really warm days, so I decided to put together a look I'm loving right now. 

The striped maxi skirt with flats is very on trend for this summer.  It's such a ralaxed comfortable look - great for weekends, casual parties or travelling.  The skirt and top are made of cotton so they're easy to wear and easy to wash. You could also put a wide black belt around this if you wanted for more layering. The denim jacket is classic and you will have this in your closet for many years, so it's always a great purchase. 

If you're thinking you might not be able to wear this because of your height, don't worry you can.  The long top will give you a longer torso, and I'd suggest getting a skirt that has vertical lines instead of horizontal lines.  Also, a  shorter necklace and a casual wedge heel for a sandal would be best for you.  
All of these things combined will make you seem taller

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