Monday, 8 June 2015

It's All in the Details

Have you ever gone into a home and just had your jaw drop at every turn?  Well that happened to me a couple of months ago.  My friend bought this home in Toronto this winter and  invited us over for the evening.  The floors, ceilings, windows...absolutely everything in his home is quality and beautiful.  Unfortunately, the owner doesn't want the whole home shared so I can only focus on some of the details.  
Because as you know, design is in the details!  

First up is the eating section of the great room,  surrounded by beautiful windows which look out onto a terrace...and check out the coffered ceiling .

Below is a little nook just to the side of the eating area...again surrounded by windows.   The doors leading out to the terrace were mostly windows with an arch at the top and moulding on the lower portion.  I thought it was beautiful how they made the doors and windows with the same detailing in this house.  The pictures don't really do it much justice, but seeing a whole wall of windows as a focal point was quite breathtaking.

The floors were a dark hardwood with a diamond inlay... absolutely gorgeous! 

Last was this curved bookcase which was actually in a round room (hence the curve).  It's in a room that has doors again leading out onto a terrace.  I believe they're making it into an office so the lighting will change.  I just thought the detailing of this cabinet was so sweet with the glass cabinets on either side and the footing.  Also, this room had dark hardwood floors in a herringbone pattern.  Here's a wider shot below. You can see how they again panelled the lower portion of the doors.

(all photos taken by me with my iPhone)

Sorry that's all I can show right now.  I'm hoping to go back this summer and take some pics of the garden because it's pretty spectacular too.

If you want to do some custom windows, doors or cabinetry in your own home, you may want to check out Hoffmeyer's Mill.  They've been around for many years and do beautiful custom work.

Have a great week!

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