Sunday, 22 March 2015

Some Florida Architecture

With freezing temps outside here (just north of Toronto),  it was so nice to get these pics from my husband last week from sunny Florida.  He drove with our kids and three other teenagers (and extremely loud music) to the Gulf Coast (near Destin, FA) for March break to volunteer with World Renew.  They helped a woman who had her house destroyed by flooding and has been rebuilding it for the past nine years.   They had such an amazing time (and a great bonding time).  Our kids are 14 and 17 so it was a great opportunity to teach them to give back and help those in need.  At the end of the week, the woman broke down in tears and was so grateful that volunteers who she didn't even know would come all the way from Canada to help her. 

They were able to fit in a couple of afternoons at the beach. Knowing how much I love architecture, my husband sent me these photos.  You may recall last year he did the same thing when he went down East for business and sent me these pics

Here's some of the kids "working".  That's my daughter getting  a free ride.  All the kids said that even though they worked hard they had a blast, and all want to go back next year. 

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