Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My 2014 "Benchmarks"

In looking back over this year, my first year of blogging, I seem to have taken a lot of pictures of benches - built-in or otherwise.  So I thought it would be cool to recap my 2014 by showing all the benches I've taken photos of.  I don't know why I like them so much...I think I just find them classic and relaxing. 

Above is an old church bench painted white which sits in the porch of our friend's country home. I took this shot during our trip up north in the spring.  There was actually one exactly the same on the other side of the room, but the shot was too wide for me to take (with my iPhone), so I just took the one side.  The pic below is the inside of this same house and this bench is a great idea.  When you have a small eating space, make the window into a seating area and move the table over.  Great use of space!

The one above is from my friend's gorgeous country kitchen and below, a garden tour in June.  

The four benches below were from our end of the summer Muskoka trip.  This "cottage" was amazing inside as well and had built-ins in every bedroom and at the front entrance.  The one below at the entrance also had drawers and a cubby flanking it which I thought was perfect for storage.  The window seats in the bedrooms also had drawers under them for extra storage.

These two benches below remind me of England and have  black and white striped cushions to add to the classic look.  

And last but certainly not least, is this outdoor bench I saw this Fall.

Just want to thank you all for following me this year on this blogging journey.  I hope to continue to bring you photos of beauty and inspiration from wherever life takes me.  My goal has always been to show people that good taste and design doesn't have to cost a lot.  

I'm hoping to focus a little more on my clothing and fabric designs this year.  As much as I love interior and garden design, fashion design has also been a real passion of mine.  I often wake up at night with a design in my head and have to draw it right away before I forget it.  I'm also working on some fabric designs which I hope to share with you soon.  (It involves technology, which is not my thing, so it's taking a bit of time).

Remember, you can follow me on Google, Instagram and Pinterest.  And to those who are already following, thanks again for all your support!

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