Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Art Gallery Tour

As promised, here's a little taste of the art I saw this weekend in Clarksburg, ON, which apparently is becoming known as "Artsburg".   I just love how quaint this little town is.  All of the galleries are right next to each other, and what I really love is that some the artists are there to discuss their art.   

First up is the Marsh Street Gallery owned by the very talented artist, Cynthia Marsh.  She's also an avid gardener, so I was able to get a garden tour in as well. 
Wow what a garden!

Cynthia Marsh

Next up, I went to the Matilda Swanson Gallery.  I love this art by Anna Green and the one directly below it by Bertie.  This part of the world is full of beautiful landscapes, apple orchards and ski hills, so it's interesting to see how it inspires all of these artists in very different ways. 

 Anna Green


My next visit was to Loft Gallery owned by  another very talented artist, Debra Lynn Carroll.  Her paintings are mainly large textured landscapes done in oil, and her 
studio is in the back so sometimes she's working on one.

Debra Lynn Carroll

Canada has many artistic destinations, and this little Ontario town is a perfect example.  
If you can, stop by this summer.

I'm going to post my pics of 
Cynthia's garden soon.  

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